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Engineered Labor Standards

Performance Standards  

CapRock's objective of  Performance Standards (or Engineered Labor Standards) are to Provide our clients, across a broad range of operations,  with objective performance measurement data and  tools to lower costs, increase reliability and productivity, by using fair and accurate performance goals.

Benefits include:

-Establish and manage accurate and fair work goals

-Create the capability to track and report employee performance

-20-30% productivity improvement and labor cost reduction

-Flexibility to modify goals as work changes

-Basis for effective capacity management, planning and  reporting

Our Approach:

-Project and team selection (line employees, supervisors, managers)

-Initial observations to develop and confirm Time and Motion study plan

-Data acquisition 

-Time and Motion Studies

-Data analysis

-Development of best practices based data collection and input from front line employees, supervisors and managers

-Process review and validation with project team

- Performance training and coaching for supervisors, leads and managers

-Standards Implementation and ramp up

-Sustainability and monitoring support to ensure long term success 

-Update standards as work process and layout evolve, new products and services added

CapRock leverages over 25 years of broad industry experience to develop the right solution to meet your organizations needs. 

We are glad to help define the scope for your project, develop the ROI for justification, as well as answer any questions you may have.