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Process Analysis and Optimization


CapRock leverages over 25 years of broad industry experience to develop the right  productivity and performance solutions to meet your organizations needs. 

Improving the overall health of your company and achieving sustainable and realistic gains in the ball park of 20-35% is within reach.  The CapRock Global Solutions core focus is on incremental improvements and achieving the next level of sustainable performance and productivity gains through data driven solutions. 


Our Process Analysis and Optimization Services  Includes:


-Review, understand and map the current processes and business practices.


-Document current processes, desired state optimized processes and, the gap between current and optimized processes


-Create a comparative analysis among process

looking at capacity, throughput, capital cost, recurring cost, labor requirements, flexibility, scalability, implementation


-Create Implementation plans with level of difficulty, identify risks and create mitigation plan.


-Perform time and motion study of work processes


-Develop engineered standards


-Leverage lean six sigma methods to further identify and eliminate wasted travel, redundant handling, unnecessary touch points, and other non-value added process elements.


-Identify opportunities to add value, reduce cost, assure quality, and reduce cycle times


-Train line supervisors and managers on best coaching methods to increase performance


- Support implementation, ramp-up of performance and continued sustainability check-ups as needed


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We are glad to help you define the scope for your project, develop the ROI for justification, as well as answer any questions you may have





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