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Time Study - Time and Motion Studies

Time and motion study, Time Study, is a business efficiency technique and work system improvement approach utilizing mathematical  methods of determining work process times using time and motion data collection and statistical analysis.

CapRock's proprietary approach to work Time Study system improvements can be applied to any industry or operation.  Our experience includes, industrial, manufacturing, service organizations, energy, banking, schools, government, healthcare, diagnostics, laboratories, hospitals and many others.

With time and motion studies, tasks are broken into small, simple steps, or elements.   The sequence of movements taken are carefully observed during the time motion process to detect and eliminate redundant or wasteful motion, and precise times are collected for each correct movement is measured. O bserved variances from normal effort or pace are captured and documented. Within this process, adequate time for such elements as unavoidable human or machine delays, fatigue, and personal needs are factored. 

 The Time and Motion Study, Time Study, data collected can be utilized in many ways to include:

Engineered Labor Standards, fair labor performance goals

Reduce labor and resource costs

Define and validate product costs

Understand labor time, cost, and other resource requirements

Identify staffing requirements and  work schedules

Labor planning needs

Determine and remove non-value added activities

Basis to develop competitive sales tools, productivity tools, etc.

Identify opportunities to improve the work flow to include

  -Hands-on time

  -Turnaround time

  -Lead times

  -Change over times

  -Batch processing time


 - Layout

  -Inventory, etc.

CapRock leverages over 25 years of broad industry experience to develop the right solution to meet your organizations needs. 

We are glad to help you define the scope for your project, develop the ROI for justification, as well as answer any questions you may have. 



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