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Time and Motion Studies - Time Studies

Time and motion study, Time Study,  is a business efficiency technique and work system improvement method utilizing mathematical  methods of determining work process times using time and motion data collection and statistical analysis. CapRock's proprietary approach to work system improvements can be applied to any industry or operation.

Health Care Consulting Solutions

The CapRock proprietary data collection methodology delivers powerful third party objective Healthcare solutions.  We provide our clients with productivity, cost savings, performance improvement, comparative data and analysis focused on workflow, layout, Lean six sigma, systems, labor, products, customer requirements and automation.

Operational Assessment and Improvement

A CapRock operational assessment and business management consulting  provides a check-up for your business, workflow, human resources, systems, equipment, information and data needed to develop short and long term plans. Focus of assessments include competitive analysis, understand and reduce cost, performance and quality improvement, capacity, growth, new products and services rollout.

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Best Practices

At CapRock we define Best practices or Best Methods as  the most efficient, least amount of effort, and effective (best results) way of accomplishing a task.  CapRock keeps up to date with 'best practice' and leverages our 25  years of broad industry experience to plug in good ideas, technology changes and gain valuable input from our team to deploy best practices in the most challenging of environments.

Lean Six Sigma  Consulting Solutions

Through the application of Lean Six Sigma methods to work processes and procedures, organizations transform work activities to become more efficient and repeatable with reduced errors and rework. Lean Six Sigma is effective and utilized across a broad range of operations.


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Software Solutions

Our workflow and data analysis engine provides the basis to deliver customizable solutions that are affordable, scalable and can be delivered quickly to market for your team.  CapRock utilizes 25 years of industry experience and proprietary data and information collection methods to provide software solutions to support your organization.


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Engineered Labor Standards or Performance Standards

CapRock's objective of  performance standards (or Engineered Labor Standards) are to provide our clients with objective performance measurement data and  tools to lower costs, increase reliability and productivity, by using fair and accurate performance goals.


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Layout design and Optimization


CapRock's Layout design and optimization services will define material and work flow, validate  technology, systems, locations for equipment, machines, work stations and storage areas. The objectives of designing and optimizing a layout are typically to improve workflow, material handling costs, improve throughput, maximize space, and reduce labor costs.


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Project Management

CapRock delivers superior project management and business management consulting services to help our clients perform to their maximum potential. Our project management services support business needs across a broad range of industries.

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Performance and Productivity Improvement Consulting


CapRock develops methods and solutions to improve performance for organizations across a wide range of industries. leveraging our Supply Chain Consulting Team. We utilize proprietary methods to achieve our clients objectives.

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Custom Training Solutions

CapRock's training approach, is based on your company's objectives and designed for a specific group, delivers results that cannot be easily achieved with most off-the-shelf "canned" programs.

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 We are glad to help you define the scope for your project, develop the ROI for justification, as well as answer any questions you may have

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